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Our Services


Welcome to Village Property Management website; do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions or suggestions that you have regarding this website, it would be our pleasure to speak with you. We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service that is individually tailored to each board and owner Our team of Property Managers and Administrative staff work hard to meet the needs of our clients, understanding that no 2 condominiums are the same. We understand the importance of communication and reliable management services.

Our Property Managers possess all the necessary accreditations, expertise and knowledge to provide the board with the tools and information they need to fulfill their duties.


VPM Inc. produces financial statements for each client using the Condo Management Pro Software System. CM Pro software was designed specifically to integrate financial, managerial and administrative functions in one program – created exclusively for Condominiums. Financial statements are provided monthly to the individual boards for their review prior to regular Board meetings.

Financial management services offered by VPM include:

  • Depositing all Corporations monies.
  • Provide a separate, transparent set of books and records for each corporation, which are open to all owners to view
  • Pre-authorized payment plan for the collection of common element fees
  • Regular monthly financial reports with copies of all invoices and work orders supplied to the Treasurer of each corporation
  • Effective collection procedures for outstanding common element fees to maintain the cash flow of the Corporation
  • Registration of liens, preparation of Notice of Liens and Certificate of Liens in accordance with the Condominium Act (1998)
  • Balance Sheet, Income /Expense Statements, Bank Reconciliation, detailed Accounts Receivable reports, Investment reports and Reserve Fund Expenditure reports
  • Comprehensive owner/tenet files, which are constantly updated to provide you with accurate information on all units always
  • Coordinating preparation of tax return and Annual Audit.
  • Expense reports showing expenditures for the current month and year-to-date, the budgeted amount for each category and the variance between budget and actual
  • Responding to homeowner account inquiries
  • Sending introductory letter to new owners


VPM also offers our clients the ability to customize management services to meet your community’s specific needs. Most customized service packages include financial management (above) plus one or more of the following services.

  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly meetings as determined by Board
  • Representative of VPM Inc. to attend board meetings and Annual Owner’s Meetings
  • Preparation of Owner’s Meeting, notification, proxy and mailings
  • Ensure each corporation maintains a complete set of corporate records, minutes and correspondence
  • Preparation of Board Binders and Information Sheets
  • Arrange for reserve fund study updates
  • Rule, By-Law Enforcement
  • Managing requests for maintenance proposals
  • Provide guidance in relation to the Act, Declaration, By-laws and Rules both existing or new
  • Work with committee members on special projects
  • Ensure proper insurance coverage and assist in claims
  • Board and Resident Support
  • Facilitate newsletter and memo mailings


  • Twenty-four-hour Emergency Services available to all clients
  • Schedule and over-see on -site maintenance with local vendors/contractors
  • Tenders for ground maintenance and snow removal will be prepared in conjunction with the requirements of the Board

All employees of Village Property Management Inc. are governed by the standards and code of ethics of the Associate of Condominium Managers of Ontario and are expected to provide such service to all our clients.


  • Investigating complaints regarding rule violations and take appropriate corrective action as determined by the board of Directors.
  • On-going review of contract services, audits, and insurance costs
  • Obtain quotations/tenders and negotiate services with local vendors/contracts upon request
  • Develop preventative maintenance programs


VPM constantly utilizes all their resources/contacts whenever needed, whether it be a huge job like having our roof replaced or something as simple as a sign placed in a hallway.

One unique and important feature I have found with our Property Manager is how much a “team spirit” attitude Judy has… Whether it’s one on one with a condo owner, at a board meeting, or an owners meeting, she always has everyone’s best interests at the forefront… Every decision/action she takes seems as important to her as it is for the condo owner… And really, for me, that’s exactly what and who I want when it comes to managing my property… Someone who cares as much for it as I do.

R. Lauvray